List namespaces

GET /v1/vectors

List all your namespaces in the region.


cursor stringoptional

used to retrieve the next page of results (pass next_cursor from the response payload)

prefix string

used to retrieve only namespaces that match the prefix, e.g. foo would return foo and foo-bar.

page_size stringdefault: 1000

limit the number of results per page (max of 1000)

Warning: This endpoint is currently not consistent. In other words, it's possible for short periods of time that a namespace exists but is not returned on this endpoint (or, that a namespace doesn't exist, but is returned from this endpoint).

// GET /v1/vectors?page_size=2
  "namespaces": [
      "id": "03b0fdf8-b1ae-11ee-a548-b121c8275f7a-client_test",
      "approx_count": 2, // DEPRECATED, do not use, use HEAD request on /v1/vectors/:id
      "dimensions": 2, // DEPRECATED
      "created_at": "2024-01-13T00:55:58Z" // DEPRECATED
      "id": "03b0fdf8-b1ae-11ee-a548-b121c8275f7a-hello_world",
      "approx_count": 2,
      "dimensions": 2,
      "created_at": "2024-01-13T00:55:33Z"
    "next_cursor": "MDk0ZGY4NjYtYjM1Yi0xMWVlLWI5YzYtMWRiM2IyMzRkNWEzLWhlbGxvX3dvcmxk"
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