Export vectors

GET /v1/vectors/:namespace

Use this endpoint to export your entire dataset at full precision.

If you want to look up vectors by ID, use the query endpoint with an id filter.


cursor stringoptional

used to retrieve the next page of results (pass next_cursor from the response payload)

This endpoint may return 202 ACCEPTED if the data is not ready for export.
In this case, retry the request after several seconds.

Vectors, ids, and attributes are returned in a column-oriented layout


// GET /v1/vectors/namespace-name
  "ids": [1, 2],
  "vectors": [[0.1, 0.1], [0.2, 0.2]],
  "attributes": {
    "key1": ["one", "two"],
    "key2": ["a", "b"]
  "next_cursor": "eyJmaWxlX2lkIjoxMTMzfQ"

// GET /v1/vectors/namespace-name?cursor=eyJmaWxlX2lkIjoxMTMzfQ
  "ids": [3, 4],
  "vectors": [[0.3, 0.3], [0.4, 0.4]],
  "attributes": {
    "key1": ["three", "four"],
    "key2": ["c", "d"]
  "next_cursor": null

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